Thursday, 1 January 2015

♥ Happy New Year ♥

Hi everyone and welcome to 2015!
It's that time of year that reminds you how quickly times flies by; I don't know how but it's been over 2 years since I last blogged anything and although I've been reading everyone else's blogs I just haven't looked at mine.
2014 has been pretty busy, although I'm hoping 2015 will have loads more to report back on- It's hard to remember all that's happened but I think my biggest events were completing my first ever half marathon in Paris and getting my kitten, Ruby ♥
I can't believe how easily a year can go by and I don't usually bother with New Year resolutions but there are lots of things I'd like to do over the next year and feel like I'm in danger of getting stuck in a bit of a rut if I don't make some kind of plan for the next 12 months.
My main resolution is to:
 Be more organised
I'm not sure how, but I've become a little chaotic, there are so many places to go and people to see so an organised year will hopefully help me accomplish that, I mean organised down to the hour if I have least until I'm into a good routine!!
I'll be doing a couple of Christmas present and bargains from the sales posts but as there are always more beautiful things out there to lust after, here is my 2015 wish list:
One of my other resolutions is to be better with my money and most of these items are ones that I will need to actually save for, all too often I will spend the same amount of money on little things that I don't really need rather than saving and buying longer lasting things...yes, there are 3 Kate Spade watches, I just love them all and can't decide!!
Here's to an amazing 2015!