Thursday, 26 July 2012

NOTD China Glaze- Purple Panic

Hey sausages, 
I hope everyone here in the UK is enjoying the amazing weather we're having at the moment, I can't believe how hot it's been! I'm currently house sitting for a friend to look after her cat and I've taken a sick day at work so I thought I'd catch up on my blogging.

I borrowed this nail varnish from a friend at work after seeing it on her and falling in love with it (I have bought my own now...)
It's from China Glaze's neon collection so it dries matte without a top coat like most neon polishes but I like it both ways really. I almost think it's brighter on its own.
Without top coat
I can't really describe in words or show you in pictures just what an amazing colour this is, I'm so so in love with it and it's in my top 5 now! Its more pink than purple I would say but in different lights it definitely has a purple tint. It's glows and I've recieved lots of compliments on it- it's the perfect summer pink  
Action shot trying to show off the vibrancy
And I made some smartie cupcakes for my best friend at work's last day :( Miss you sazzle


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Just amazing

I love everything about these, the gold, the turquoise, the purple and the pearls...they are just perfect.

Picture courtesy of
Mawi- pearl and emerald teardop earrings £210


Outfit of the day & Caviar manicure

Ok, so I've not done an outfit of the day post before because I just can't really take a picture of myself and during the week I just wear my work stuff and then it's just gym gear or onesie time. 
This is basically what I wore to lovebox the other weekend, minus the wellies and dream catcher earrings in my previous post.
Speckle neppy sweat top- Topshop
Heart necklace- Lola Rose
Polka dot dress- H&M
Moccasins- Primark

I love Lola Rose jewellery but I really don't like necklaces that are too short and sometimes I find that theirs can come up a little too high. I bought some more beads from Hobby craft which amazingly were a perfect match and made a sort of extender so that it's ended up the just the right length, for me anyway.

I've wanted some Minnetonka moccasins for ages and couldn't figure out which size to get so when I saw these doppelgängers at Christmas in Primark for £12 (I think) I couldn't resist! They are suede and probably the comfiest shoes I've owned in a long time, they did other colours and bootee style ones too which I wish I'd picked up. I always find that with the leather and suede Primark shoes, I should buy 3 pairs of each because I wear them to death and for £40 less than the Minnetonka ones they were a complete bargain.

Caviar Manicure

After what has been about 3 months, the mini steel beads that I bought on eBay have arrived from China and I can have a go at the hundreds & thousands style nails that Ciate have recently made so popular. I've had to order about 5 more packs though because there are so many different colour variations I've been trying out and just need enough beads to do a whole pair of paws!

First attempt at the 'caviar manicure' but the camera just hasn't captured how nice and colourful it looked

I love hearing this whenever I go into Marks & Spencer...listen out next time you pop in.


Monday, 9 July 2012

I've been baking again

Here's a selection of cakes that I've made recently, I'm quite pleased because I think the flowers that I'm making are starting to improve. It's just getting the right sort of photographs of them I'm no pro at...

A sample cake for a lady at work who was after some anniversary party cakes

Thank You cakes for my Chelsea mad manager

The final lot of anniversary cupcakes

I think that now I have some more photos of my cakes I am going to make up my business cards from MOO which is this lush website where you can get stickers made up with your pictures too so I think I'll be choosing that as well... you're never too old for stickers!!

Has anyone else been in the baking mood? I'd really like to have a Strawberry Tea Party soon to raise some money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Watch this space.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sleek True Colour lipstick- Papaya Punch

I don't really 'do' lips, I mean I love lip balm and some gloss now and then but really I'm an eyes sort of girl.I bought this lipstick a little while ago on a whim from Superdrug, it was only £4 and I loved the fact that it was matte.
 Any lipsticks I've had in the past have been pink and I always find out too late that they have too much blue in them for my liking so I just steer clear but recently I've been drawn more and more to lipsticks and I thought I'd try this bright beauty.

It's called Papaya Punch and I think that sums it up quite nicely, its a bright coral that I think would probably suit most skintones considering that I can be quite pale and I love it!

 I like the small compact size of it and the peachy feel of the black case, it does mark quite easily but that does't really bother me.

The only thing is that this is a really tough colour to capture on my camera, the label on the case is probably the best representation and shows the coral in it rather than just looking 'orangey red'. I LOVE the matte look too, make sure you've applied some lip balm before (although not immediately before otherwise it stops the matte effect) so that it glides on nice and smoothly.
I really would recommend a trip to Superdrug, especially whilst the '3 for 2' offer is still on to take a look at this, 2 of my friends borrowed this on a night out and have since bought their own because the love it so much!

Sorry about the poor application but it gives a rough idea of how it looks on

I'm really starting to like Sleek Makeup, what do you think?



It sounds a bit rude doesn't it? Half of my friends thought I was going to some orgy in the middle of a field when I said I was going down to London to a festival called Lovebox.

It was all organised a little last minute...well, the weekend before and only Friday tickets were still available (couldn't do Sunday as it was Fathers day) so I rang up my friend who lives in London to see if she fancied it and she did. Score!
We lived together at uni and she's one of my best friends but I don't get to see her all that often, despite the fact that we don't live that far from each other so I was so excited about everything.

SO, I couldn't finish work until 15:30, not ideal but I decided driving would be cheaper and for some bizarre reason, easier so I wasn't too worried. The gates opened at 2pm but I thought that as long as we were there for a couple of hours it would be great, we'd get to see Magnetic Man and Hot Chip and just have a nice catchup. Well, it all started to go wrong the moment I went to fill up with petrol before the motorway, there was a massive queue. Not a huge issue, maybe I'll just go a little faster on the motorway (still sticking to the legal limit of course) so this was all going pretty well and nothing could really ruin my mood, not even the massive traffic standstill to get into central London was upsetting me. My satnav was though. 'Go straight ahead', right so is that straight ahead over the bridge or the road running parallel to the left of the bridge? I made the wrong decision and ended up pulling my car over and crying to the radio after a lot of cars started beeping and swearing at me.
It turns out that driving in London is a horrid, completely awful experience and drivers aren't quite as friendly as where I live. To cut a mammoth story short, I eventually got to my friends house at 19:20 and she couldn't really explain where she lived so I was getting a bit fraught. 
For one reason or another we left my friends place in Battersea to get to Victoria Park over the other side of London just before 9. We got there just before 10 after one of the glowsticks had leaked in the back of our taxi which meant we had a whole hour there, woohoo. Or, we would have had a whole hour in there had the bouncers not refused us entry, they had removed the ticket machines and we'rent succumbing to any of our charms. We were so close and could see everyone was loving life and the music just sounded amazing, everyone must have been having the time of their lives.

We did get to use the portaloos though
The closest we got to the action...
It looked amazing and we've decided to go next year, for the whole weekend and actually make it there on time! Did anyone else go and actually make it inside?

Ready for the rave, NOTW- Blue foil from jennysellsfoils- I will be doing a whole post one these amazing foils this week!

Paddington's contribution to jubilee joy

On Saturday morning we were supposed to be going to the Trooping the Colour with a friend of my friends. I was so excited about this, I've been waiting for the perfect moment for Prince Harry to realise that we would be great together and I thought this would be it. I'm sure you can guess what happened? We didn't make it.

Hiding her face because she would rather sleep than see my future husband... 
We did have a lovely day though, we went for a walk through Battersea park to the Kings road in Chelsea which was actually really pretty and I'd never have guessed we were in London at all!
The slightly industrial view from the bridge

Such a cool house, I would like to do something just like that  

So pretty,    all the flowers

Ad Hoc

Very yummy panini
I had to take a detour past Big Ben on the way home, I'm borderline fanatic about it and the past couple of visits we haven't had a chance for a catchup so seeing as the rest of the weekends plans had been a massive fail I decided I was not going to miss this opportunity!

I got lost again and it took an extra 45 minutes to get home but it was SO WORTH IT.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Over Shoulder Boulder Holders

At work yesterday, a girl on my team thought she'd tell everyone how to measure yourself for a bra. She was SO FAR OFF THE MARK that I just wanted to shout at her. I'm really not the sort of person to just flip out, to be quite honest I'll avoid confrontation at all costs because I'm a typical Libran and I like to keep the peace. However, she will often tell people 'facts' that are wrong (she didn't quite believe me when I explained that Africa was not within a country...) and because bra fitting used to be my job that I completely loved I just found it unbearable to listen to. Even as I write this I'm thinking 'get a bloody life' but I just need to vent a little, anyway I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be one of 'those' people that always thinks they're right and likes to let everyone know.

SO, I'm going to do a special post/page about bra fitting with some tips on what to look out for when you're bra shopping. I'm sure a lot of people already know most of the tips and the rest won't care but a good fitting bra is so important for your health and comfort so I think I will do that this weekend.

Sorry to have been a whinging bore!

Very late glitter Jubilee nails from my mobile


Just the bear necessities

 I wonder why they don't say 'bear' instead of 'bare' for Baloo's song?

Disappeared off the face of the earth? Fallen into a black hole? Kidnapped by badgers?
These are all things that could have explained my complete lack of blogging but unfortunately for everyone it's just something slightly less interesting and much less fun.

I really wish I hadn't left it so long because although I've been trying to draft bits along the way, there has been so much that I wanted to write about and show you all and now I'm pretty certain that I've forgotten about 60% of it.Bravo.
I'll warn you now, I'm going to be catching up for the last couple of weeks and tenses will probably be all over the goes!

After I had been to the gym on Saturday morning and finished my lengths & aquaerobics I popped into town with my friend for a few essentials, as it happened I managed to forgot the main essential but that's what happens when I don't make a list...everything goes to pot!

Well, I think was what I went in to town for...

Of course I picked up the obligatory Glamour magazine (with Porefessional) , it was almost impossible to find a Glamour anywhere from corner shops to supermarkets and I didn't see a single 'That Gal' which I was a little sad about!

Yes, I do realise it's a swimming costume and not a bikini, it's not even one with lots of cut outs but since I joined the gym 5 or so weeks ago swimming has been scoring fairly highly. I basically needed a new costume because mine had gone see through in all the wrong places and I all wanted was something that wasn't an old school Speedo nightmare that was half flattering and looked quite nice; I found this in BHS of all places which isn't somewhere I'd usually go in to but it's doing the job so what more can I ask for. Besides, I don't really like it when you see people wearing string bikinis in the indoor gym pool, they're not exactly made for doing lengths are they?

Thank you Superdrug for doing the '3 for 2' offer for so much longer than Boots! I picked up one of the new Revlon lip butters in ' 080 Strawberry Shortcake', Barry M nail paint in 'Copper' which I saw on other blogs and and have been lusting after since and Sleek Pout Polish in '942 Powder Pink' which smells yum :)
I'll do a review on all of these very soon!!


I jumped on the peace sign bandwagon and bought these earrings from Topshop which I hope to be wearing soon and the feathery ones and from Primark. I dithered over these for a couple of weeks because they are pretty huge but I totally LOVE them now. These will be perfect for festivals and I think I'll wear them to Lovebox festival next week which I'm so excited for!!!!!!

One of my best friends has gone to Morocco for 2 weeks and there are 3 of us looking after her & her boyfriends adorable dog. I am in love.

Sorry for the complete picture overload but he just looks so cute and dopey that I couldn't resist becoming one of 'those' people who have 100 pictures of their dog doing the same thing.

It'd been so long since I'd been into the field next to my house that I'd forgotten just how much I love it and despite the rain, Guinness and I had a whale of a time throwing his slimey tennis ball over and over and over and over again!