Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sleek True Colour lipstick- Papaya Punch

I don't really 'do' lips, I mean I love lip balm and some gloss now and then but really I'm an eyes sort of girl.I bought this lipstick a little while ago on a whim from Superdrug, it was only £4 and I loved the fact that it was matte.
 Any lipsticks I've had in the past have been pink and I always find out too late that they have too much blue in them for my liking so I just steer clear but recently I've been drawn more and more to lipsticks and I thought I'd try this bright beauty.

It's called Papaya Punch and I think that sums it up quite nicely, its a bright coral that I think would probably suit most skintones considering that I can be quite pale and I love it!

 I like the small compact size of it and the peachy feel of the black case, it does mark quite easily but that does't really bother me.

The only thing is that this is a really tough colour to capture on my camera, the label on the case is probably the best representation and shows the coral in it rather than just looking 'orangey red'. I LOVE the matte look too, make sure you've applied some lip balm before (although not immediately before otherwise it stops the matte effect) so that it glides on nice and smoothly.
I really would recommend a trip to Superdrug, especially whilst the '3 for 2' offer is still on to take a look at this, 2 of my friends borrowed this on a night out and have since bought their own because the love it so much!

Sorry about the poor application but it gives a rough idea of how it looks on

I'm really starting to like Sleek Makeup, what do you think?



  1. Gorgeous colour! :) xx

  2. I love this lipstick, such a gorgeous summery colour. Thanks for following honey x