Sunday, 15 July 2012

Outfit of the day & Caviar manicure

Ok, so I've not done an outfit of the day post before because I just can't really take a picture of myself and during the week I just wear my work stuff and then it's just gym gear or onesie time. 
This is basically what I wore to lovebox the other weekend, minus the wellies and dream catcher earrings in my previous post.
Speckle neppy sweat top- Topshop
Heart necklace- Lola Rose
Polka dot dress- H&M
Moccasins- Primark

I love Lola Rose jewellery but I really don't like necklaces that are too short and sometimes I find that theirs can come up a little too high. I bought some more beads from Hobby craft which amazingly were a perfect match and made a sort of extender so that it's ended up the just the right length, for me anyway.

I've wanted some Minnetonka moccasins for ages and couldn't figure out which size to get so when I saw these doppelgängers at Christmas in Primark for £12 (I think) I couldn't resist! They are suede and probably the comfiest shoes I've owned in a long time, they did other colours and bootee style ones too which I wish I'd picked up. I always find that with the leather and suede Primark shoes, I should buy 3 pairs of each because I wear them to death and for £40 less than the Minnetonka ones they were a complete bargain.

Caviar Manicure

After what has been about 3 months, the mini steel beads that I bought on eBay have arrived from China and I can have a go at the hundreds & thousands style nails that Ciate have recently made so popular. I've had to order about 5 more packs though because there are so many different colour variations I've been trying out and just need enough beads to do a whole pair of paws!

First attempt at the 'caviar manicure' but the camera just hasn't captured how nice and colourful it looked

I love hearing this whenever I go into Marks & Spencer...listen out next time you pop in.



  1. Love the look of your nails :)! xx

  2. Where did you buy the beads?!?! your nails look amazing!!!!! I've had the caviar manicure done professionally but I think I actually like yours better :) xx

  3. Oh, your outfit is so lovely - I love how perfectly you matched everything!!! Ah-ah, and I can't wait to go ebay shopping for the "nail caviar"!!!;-))

  4. love the caviar nails! btw i love your blog & followed! do you think you could give me some tips on my blog and maybe follow? would love my blog to be as good as yours :)x

  5. You beaded nail looks so good! And so yummy?! If thats possible for nails!

  6. those nails are amazing! omg! <3 followed back!

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  9. Cute necklace! Nice statement :)
    I loooooove those nails aswell!!
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    Hollie x x

  10. That nail look is amazing! Followed straight away!

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  11. Gorgeous outfit!

  12. your nail looks so cute! must try that soon xx