Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Over Shoulder Boulder Holders

At work yesterday, a girl on my team thought she'd tell everyone how to measure yourself for a bra. She was SO FAR OFF THE MARK that I just wanted to shout at her. I'm really not the sort of person to just flip out, to be quite honest I'll avoid confrontation at all costs because I'm a typical Libran and I like to keep the peace. However, she will often tell people 'facts' that are wrong (she didn't quite believe me when I explained that Africa was not within a country...) and because bra fitting used to be my job that I completely loved I just found it unbearable to listen to. Even as I write this I'm thinking 'get a bloody life' but I just need to vent a little, anyway I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be one of 'those' people that always thinks they're right and likes to let everyone know.

SO, I'm going to do a special post/page about bra fitting with some tips on what to look out for when you're bra shopping. I'm sure a lot of people already know most of the tips and the rest won't care but a good fitting bra is so important for your health and comfort so I think I will do that this weekend.

Sorry to have been a whinging bore!

Very late glitter Jubilee nails from my mobile


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