Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just the bear necessities

 I wonder why they don't say 'bear' instead of 'bare' for Baloo's song?

Disappeared off the face of the earth? Fallen into a black hole? Kidnapped by badgers?
These are all things that could have explained my complete lack of blogging but unfortunately for everyone it's just something slightly less interesting and much less fun.

I really wish I hadn't left it so long because although I've been trying to draft bits along the way, there has been so much that I wanted to write about and show you all and now I'm pretty certain that I've forgotten about 60% of it.Bravo.
I'll warn you now, I'm going to be catching up for the last couple of weeks and tenses will probably be all over the goes!

After I had been to the gym on Saturday morning and finished my lengths & aquaerobics I popped into town with my friend for a few essentials, as it happened I managed to forgot the main essential but that's what happens when I don't make a list...everything goes to pot!

Well, I think was what I went in to town for...

Of course I picked up the obligatory Glamour magazine (with Porefessional) , it was almost impossible to find a Glamour anywhere from corner shops to supermarkets and I didn't see a single 'That Gal' which I was a little sad about!

Yes, I do realise it's a swimming costume and not a bikini, it's not even one with lots of cut outs but since I joined the gym 5 or so weeks ago swimming has been scoring fairly highly. I basically needed a new costume because mine had gone see through in all the wrong places and I all wanted was something that wasn't an old school Speedo nightmare that was half flattering and looked quite nice; I found this in BHS of all places which isn't somewhere I'd usually go in to but it's doing the job so what more can I ask for. Besides, I don't really like it when you see people wearing string bikinis in the indoor gym pool, they're not exactly made for doing lengths are they?

Thank you Superdrug for doing the '3 for 2' offer for so much longer than Boots! I picked up one of the new Revlon lip butters in ' 080 Strawberry Shortcake', Barry M nail paint in 'Copper' which I saw on other blogs and and have been lusting after since and Sleek Pout Polish in '942 Powder Pink' which smells yum :)
I'll do a review on all of these very soon!!


I jumped on the peace sign bandwagon and bought these earrings from Topshop which I hope to be wearing soon and the feathery ones and from Primark. I dithered over these for a couple of weeks because they are pretty huge but I totally LOVE them now. These will be perfect for festivals and I think I'll wear them to Lovebox festival next week which I'm so excited for!!!!!!

One of my best friends has gone to Morocco for 2 weeks and there are 3 of us looking after her & her boyfriends adorable dog. I am in love.

Sorry for the complete picture overload but he just looks so cute and dopey that I couldn't resist becoming one of 'those' people who have 100 pictures of their dog doing the same thing.

It'd been so long since I'd been into the field next to my house that I'd forgotten just how much I love it and despite the rain, Guinness and I had a whale of a time throwing his slimey tennis ball over and over and over and over again!


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