Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hip Hip Henna Hooray

On Monday, one of my best friends came home from South Korea and it's just been so amazing to see her. She's been over there for just over 18 months teaching English and she's flown over for only one week for one of her best friend's wedding.
I haven't been able to talk to her as much as I'd like due to my dodgy laptop and my blackberry is too old to have Skype but it was as if it had only been a week since we'd last seen each other and I think my mum's right when she says 'that's exactly what it should be like with good friends, you can always pick up where you left off'.

She's been ticking off all the foods throughout the week that she wants to fit in before she flies back to SK on Monday and last night was the turn of Fish & Chips. Neither of us were really that hungry so we settled on chips and made the trek to a nearby village that is apparently 'the best'. They were nice but I don't know what to compare them to as I don't ever really get them, they weren't hard though so I was happy.

I'm in love with Mendhi/Henna and have been for years and usually like to keep something on my feet throughout the summer and Suze saw my feet on Tuesday night and asked if I would do some on her, especially as the wedding she's going to is a Sikh ceremony and they're having a Mendhi party today for the Bride to Be. It's not very authentic, more 'in the style of' but she wanted it all up her arms too which was a bit of a challenge as I kept getting confused!

We used a different henna to the one I usually buy as mine had all run out but this is where I get mine from if you're interested. It's freshly made and arrives very quickly and stains a nice dark colour. You can buy it cheaper but in my experience this is one of the best ones.

Be careful not to buy the black henna that's on Ebay if you dye your hair as one of the chemicals can cause allergic reactions.

I'm wearing Models Own-Utopia and Suze is wearing Rimmel Pro-Desire

We also used some nail foils to go along with the theme, I've mentioned them in another post but I'm building up a collection of pictures so that I can do a really good post about them because they're amazing!
These sadly aren't my pictures, I wish they'd bring out the iPhone 5 already so I get get the 4S cheaper..I've read it could be September 12th so fingers crossed!

On a different note, has anyone smelt the new Marc Jacobs Dot EDP?
It smells amazing, the nicest I've got a whiff of in a while so I think I will be buying this with my first months salary .

Picture courtesy of Feel Unique



  1. So pretty!


  2. I have awarded you the beautiful blogger award !!!!

  3. All of the henna looks gorgeous! The chips look tasty too! haha
    Georga xx

  4. wow! the henna looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  5. The henna looks amazing! definitely going to try it xx

  6. Love the henna! xx