Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOTD Look Beauty Nail Pop- Sequin effect

Happy 1st of September!!
Sorry it's been a while, life has been completely up in the air mental recently and although I've been taking pics for the blog all the time, I just haven't found long enough to sit down and put it all together. I'm planning on replying to all my comments this weekend (sorry it's take me so long, I had been trying to do it on a weekly basis...)
One of the many things flying around at the moment is that I have a new job! I don't know if I mentioned on here that I had an interview well over a month ago? Well, I left feeling that it went pretty badly and when I didn't hear back for a month I assumed I didn't get it, but I did!! I'm so excited because it's my first 'grown up' job, I'm still bottom of the pile, but that's where you have to start isn't it? :) It really couldn't have come at a better time because after that woman I work with had and still has been trying to get me in to trouble I think it was a good idea to jump before I was sadly pushed. I start next Friday, eeek!

This NOTD is one I'd been after for a while now, I had seen a GOSH flakie on another blog quite a long time ago but the polish in question had been discontinued, so when I saw the Look Beauty did 2 versions I was sold!
I really like the Look magazine beauty range, I first saw it before Christmas last year when there was a Superdrug offer 'buy 2 products and get a free polish'. I had wanted the polish and a mascara anyway so I picked up an eye shadow which I actually really like.

The shadow is quite a warm nude metallic, I can't usually wear warm shades without looking bruised but when the light hits this it has a lovely cool shade to it, quite pearly and nice really.
I'm not so fussed about the mascara, it's nice but not 'product heavy' enough for my preference. It says 'Lash extensions in a bottle' and it does separate and lengthen but with a subtle natural look, I think it just depends what you're after.

Eye shadow- CAMI shade 4 , Mascara- STRETCH FACTOR Ultra black shade 1
This was the baby though, I adore this. It looks amazing on, I think it would compliment every skin tone and I received countless compliments whilst wearing it and friends were borrowing it left right and centre. It retails at £5 which isn't a bad price, it's just something in my head wishes it was £4.50, thinking about it, it could be that I don't like round number prices for cosmetics in general. How odd.

Look Beauty Nail Pop in BLING

Right, back on topic now. They do 2 varieties of the flakie glitters; shown below is Sequin effect which leans slightly more to the green and yellow shades in the light and Pearl effect which leans slightly more to the blues and purples. Both were very pretty but I decided I was after the former one.
I layered this over a 17 polish called Mint Choc Chip which I love, it can look quite blue in some lights and I thought they would compliment each other nicely. I have seen them layered on a lot of darker polishes though with quite stunning effects.
I would call this look Baby Mermaid...
1 coat of base, 2 coats of Mint Choc Chip, 2 coats of Sequin effect and 2 coats of top...too thick for me

The effect was really difficult to capture on camera, it looked lovely but next time I would do few coats as I don't like it too thick. Overall I really like this but it isn't going to become my all time go-to favourite. It's definitely fun to play around with different colours it works with though.

Look what's turned up in my local Boots!?! An Essie stand, woohoooo!


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