Sunday, 5 August 2012

M&S Limited Collection Quick Dry Nail Polish- Pink and Lilac

Hey guys, I just don't know where the days go at the moment. It's August already and I just can't keep up! I've been a bit MIA this past week or so at my friend's house. I thought I'd get a chance to catch up on my posts but instead I had even less time than usual as I was further away from work, the gym , pretty much all my friends and the family too...Note to self: don't move to the other side of town.

So, I was in M&s the other week with my mum and saw that their make up has had a bit of an update and they've introduced a Limited Collection range to match the clothing range of the same name. It's aimed at a younger demographic than you might expect when you think of Marks & Sparks, full of up to date colours and quite a range of products too. I'm a massive fan of M&S, especially when I was working there and as always the quality of these are great, they're a brilliant price and they're cruelty free...perfect.

Last summer I picked up a Miami Pop Limited edition 17 nail polish from Boots in Palm beach. I thought it looked like a nice pink, I have so many pink polishes but you know what it's like when it's an ever so slightly different shade to your other 12 and so that makes it OK. Then I wore it and fell in love, it has more blue in it than my other pinks and it reminds me of the kind of pink I would imagine Barbie wearing. You can imagine that I was pretty gutted when half way through the bottle it's started to go gloopy and I can't find a replacement anywhere so when I saw this I was so so happy!

I wasn't sure how close it would be and as it happens I think it's a pretty good dupe.
I picked up two colours, Pink and Lilac (not very original names, I know) for £3.50 each which I think was a bargain really.
L-R, Palm beach, Pink, Lilac

You can see that the Limited Collection pink is slightly lighter in the bottle but once they've dried you can barely tell the difference and I'm really pleased with the shade of it.

L-R, Palm beach , Pink, Lilac

Here's the hand shot. It's paints on very nicely, it has a lovely smooth consistency, opaque in pretty much 1 coat but 2 coats finished it off nicely. It dries very quickly which impressed me and was quite hard wearing too, it probably lasted nearly a week until I went swimming again which just ruins everything...

Next up is Lilac, I was hoping this could be a dupe for Topshop's Chase but it definitely is not. In the bottle it is a medium lilac with a subtle gold glitter/shimmer to it, quite pretty.

I really like this colour but when it's dry it is quite an unusual shade. In some lights it is lilac and others gold and even a sort of greige. If you're looking for a definite lilac then this isn't it but I do really like it. I might try a purple base coat under this next time to see if that makes it a little more purple like I had expected. One coat looked quite ethereal and delicate.
Just as with the pink shade, this dries very quickly and is nice and hard wearing, I would definitely buy more polishes from the Marks & Spencer Limited Collection range!

I can't stop listening to this right now, it's just makes me want to go out all night and not go to bed until the sun comes up...



  1. These nail polishes look lovely! I love the pink shade :)

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