Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Terrible Tuesdays round II and Retail Therapy

Well, today has been bloody terrible as far as Terrible Tuesdays go. I won't bore you with too many details but my day at work was horrendous because the woman I have recently been paired with has monumental mood swings and tries to stitch up everyone she works with and today she succeeded in stitching me up a treat. I looked like a royal waste of space and I found it really upsetting because I like to think I'm a hard worker that doesn't let people down.

What did cheer me up massively though, was that when I looked at my little blog I saw that I had 

That's right, 1 off 100.
I couldn't believe it, that's like 14 extra followers since the weekend and I know that there  are newer blogs with more followers but this isn't one of those, this is my blog and I am so so thrilled that 99 of you are following me. Thank you all so much for reading my ramblings, I haven't even replied to everyone's comments yet and I promise I'll start posting more frequently 

I went into H&M at the weekend and I couldn't believe how good their jewellery is at the moment, especially the necklaces... cue low quality, blurry & sneakily taken phone photo:

This is what I came away with but I will be going back very soon and coming out with much more I think

I LOVE this quilted make up bag, I'm going to buy another one and use it as a clutch bag, the colours are amazing in real life. 

I wasn't too sure at first but I think I will try and make the front a little less dangly and it will be perfect with lots of different outfits... ♥ a statement necklace.

All my stacking rings have gone brassy so these will be great until I find some as dainty as my previous ones

So these products below are obviously not from the wonderful Hennes & Mauritz but I thought I would give a try:

£10, I'm currently trying this out so I can give a good review of it...currently undecided.
 I know, I know, who knows how many years late on to the bandwagon I am but I thought I would try a teeny bottle and see if I wake up looking like a goddess after a months use. I look forward to the results.

Right, do you know what? I think I'm going to do a giveaway, I'll do a post about this at the weekend!
I hope you have all had a better Tuesday than I have today :)



  1. congratulations on having a fab blog :)

    Jess xxx


  2. very cute blog❤ I'm looking forward to read about the Estee Lauder review ^-^