Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Silver Anniversary NOTW Nails inc Electric Avenue and Edinburgh Gate

The other week we had amazing weather and it was a family celebration at chez dolliepop. My grandma was visiting from Germany and it was my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary, which meant one thing- lots of silver!!
What to do in order to mark the celebration had been discussed for months on end and because it had practically been winter until (sods law) that week, the garden party idea was off. So once I knew all the friends & neighbours would be having a meal at the local Italian on the Saturday I had to plan my nails & outfit...surely that's what everyone does?

I had wanted to try a less obvious silver and go for Topshop's Zodiac for a metallic look but instead I started with Nails inc Electric Avenue which is a silver micro glitter polish.

One coat of Electric Avenue
I really liked this and I'm not usually a silver sort of girl but in the sunlight it looked amazing, the pictures don't really captures how brightly the shone.
This has great coverage and one coat could almost be enough, dries in a flash too.
Sparkling in the sunlight
A little bit plain? A little bit of an obvious choice?
That is exactly what I thought so I saw this polish...

Nails inc Edinburgh Gate

Silver, Blue, Red & Green pieces of glitter

Now, I don't actually like this polish, every time I look at it I think 'why?' 
I don't like the colours in it together at all but for some reason I looked at it this time and thought 'yes'.

I used this as my second coat over Electric Avenue and it was just perfect, I might even go as far as saying it was love at first sight. It added a different depth to the plain silver before and was just right for a party.
You'll have to try it in person to see just how amazingly they worked together! I went without a top coat as I quite liked the textured look.

♥ all the champagne and flowers, if only every weekend could be so much fun!
Everyone came to our house for pre drinks and the atmosphere at the restaurant was amazing with nearly 30 of us there basically loving life, the waiters were hilarious and our neighbours were even funnier. My friend and I went out after the meal and went to bed fairly early compared to the rest of the 'oldies' who didn't leave ours until 4:30 in the morning. I guess they were showing us how it's done!
My fingers don't normally look like obese Witchetty grubs, I swear
Bag- Accessorize



  1. These colours are stunning :) loving glitter at the moment


  2. Very beautiful nails!

  3. I love the colours and sparkle in this post! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, following :) xxx

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  6. Love that nail polish! I've heard great things about topshop cosmetics, glad to see it worked for you!



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