Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bioderma Atoderm Moisturising Stick lip balm

 I am always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm and I don't really feel as though I 'm asking for the world when I say that what I would love is to discover a lip balm that:

  • Moisturises my lips (this sounds so obvious but I can't tell you how many I've tried that don't)
  • Does NOT leave my lips feeling agonisingly dry within and hour of using it.
  • Feels nice on my lips
  • Doesn't make me look anaemic (think Rose's blueish lips in Titanic at the end)
  • Not too dry 
  • Not too watery
If you ever find a lip balm that ticks all of these boxes then please let me know and I will be eternally grateful, I've found 3 contenders. One is a humble 99p Nivea, the other from Nuxe and number 3 is below!

As much as I like pretty graphics I'm very much a sucker for the medical looking packaging, love this.

This lip balm is from Bioderma, it also comes in a liquid? tube form but I do like a good old chap stick. I've read quite a few bad reviews about this but I really like it for several reasons:
  • It glides on smoothly which makes it a nice base for whatever you're going to put on your lips next.
  • It has a really nice smell, I can't quite place it but it reminds me of something from years ago...
  • It doesn't wear away too quickly
  • I haven't reapplied it in about 4 hours and my lips feel fine.
This final point is the big seller for me, I've tried a few recently that feel awful, disappear instantly and make my lips feel in pain afterwards because they've sucked any moisture out of them!

I wouldn't say this is intensively moisturising if you have very chapped lips- I would recommend the Nuxe one that I will be reviewing later in the week, but I think it's a brilliant. 

I think I paid a couple of euros for it so it's not that expensive really, I would really recommend giving it a try.

Here is the cake that I made for the Macmillan Coffee morning at work the other week, I was happier with it than I thought I was going to be half way through it and do you know what? I won the competition on our floor and then I took it downstairs with another girl to enter our cakes in the main competition and I won that too! I'll be honest, I only won the big bake off through lack of competition and the fact I don't like dry sponge but I was still thrilled because I don't really win things like this!

I had to make the chocolate cakes, everyone loves chocolate. Right?


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