Monday, 8 October 2012

NOTD Ombre Nails - 17 Fairy Cake

Hello sausages, how has your Monday been?
Mine's been up and down I think really; I'm loving life in my new job- my new manager is still a little intimidating after the interview but very sweet because she took me outside today to check that I was OK (I cried in the office on Friday when a woman on the phone was mean, I wasn't even that upset so I don't know where the bloody tears came from...) but on the other hand, my car failed it's MOT and it's going to cost me £500. The same £500 I was going to use next week to book flights to South Korea to visit my friend.
Swings and roundabouts, eh?

So, here is my first attempt at the ombre nail trend. Be gentle with me because I know it's a little rough but it's the best that I could manage!
I used 17's Fairy Cake as a light pink base and then my beloved M&S Limited Collection Pink as the darker shade. I couldn't decide whether to go light-dark or dark-light but after further council with the village committee it was decided...dark- light could look like chipped nails from a distance so light-dark it was!

I'm quite pleased with them, although at work there was some combination of office lighting and the pinks together that made them look glowing neon!

I imagine that most people know how I did this but if you don't then here is a condensed version:

  • I painted one coat of Fairy Cake on to my nails and waited for it to dry.
  • I ripped a chunk of sponge that I bought in the supermarket, I don't know if it's important but I made sure it was quite a messy rip so I would avoid any distinct lines.
  • I painted some LC Pink onto the sponge (not too much) and started dabbing at the bottom until about half way so there was less painted.
  • Then I painted Fairy Cake on to the same piece of sponge and started nearer the top to blend in with the middle so there was a medium shade.
  • I then just repeated with the different colours until I felt they looked right.
  • It's not a very smooth process so then I went to sleep and put one coat of topcoat on in the morning at voila...OMBRE NAILS!

This is actually my favourite song of all time. 



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  2. Aw they look ace! Can't believe that was your first attempt they're so neat :o

  3. very pretty nails:)would you like to follow each other? Let me know:)