Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

You know it's going to be good when it comes in a box...

I mentioned this lip balm in my previous post saying that this little jar is in my TOP 3 lip balms ever, and it is! I first read about it here on Estée's blog and had wanted to get some ever since, I've had this for quite a while now but wanted to wait before giving a review.

There's writing all over the box, I'm not quite sure why but I really like that

I hadn't heard of Nuxe or their Reve de Miel range before, which roughly translates to 'dreams of honey' but the moment you hear the honey word you feel the promise of moisture. It didn't disappoint ; I really love this lip balm and for once it really does do exactly what it says on the packaging, it's perfect for dry or chapped lips and really is ultra ultra nourishing. It has a lovely smell, the ingredients say Grapefruit essence but to me it smells more like honey (obviously) and orange which is still lush and quite comforting.
It ticks all of the requirements that I've set for my perfect dream lip balm bar one.

  • Moisturises my lips (this sounds so obvious but I can't tell you how many I've tried that don't)
  • Does NOT leave my lips feeling agonisingly dry within and hour of using it.
  • Feels nice on my lips
  • Doesn't make me look anemic (think Rose's blueish lips in Titanic at the end)
  • Not too dry 
  • Not too watery
And that is my only gripe with this amazing potion, it just doesn't glide on a silkily as I would like from my imaginary perfect lip balm. In reality it's probably the fact that it sticks to my lips (but isn't sticky) and doesn't slide about that makes it so good at lasting for ages.<---Sorry, that was a pretty poor sentence. I've been using this as a night time balm because it stays put all night and leaves my lips feeling great in the morning. It's a little too matte for me to use all throughout the day as I like there to be a bit of a sheen; I tend to rub a tiny bit of foundation and blusher on my lips and they can look a little flat together but then sometimes it's just right. This is going to be fantastic now that the weather is getting colder!!

This also comes in a stick form, I've noticed that Marks & Spencer have started to stock branded beauty products and they seem to do the entire Reve de Miel range apart from this pot of goodness. I'm going to buy the stick version just to see if there are the same effects in an ever so slightly more slippy form.

I paid £10 for my jar which isn't cheap but not ridiculous either when you consider how much product you get and how little you need to use each time, put it on your Christmas wishlist!



  1. Great review! I have never tried this, but I would like to, if I ever find it.

  2. Im nominating you for a Liebster award! Check my blog pretty soon for the post with all the details you need!

  3. Great post very helpful :) Tempted to make the purchase now as I'm a yukky sufferer of dry lips in the winter!

    Amy xx

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