Monday, 28 May 2012

Flower Power

Hi everyone!
Hasn't the weather been amazing here in the UK for almost and entire week now?!

This week I decided that if I want to make/sell flower themed cakes then I should probably start practising and figure out how to make more lifelike flowers. I discovered the weekend before that icing is not going to be my forte and basically my beginners technique is sh1t, therefore modelling the fondant icing is what I'm going to attempt to improve at!

For a first attempt I'm actually quite pleased, they aren't any particular variety of flower but I think I will try red icing and black thousands in the middle next so that they are just like poppies...

Up close and personal

I've also been going a bit mad with teacup trios and old china in general really and have had lots of eBay parcels arriving at my door recently.
I've been going for lots of delicate gold patterns for the wedding fayre displays because I thought they would look pretty and keep my cake decorating options open, colour wise.

One of my new favourites

I love this song right now, the band really remind me of Muse!

There we go, this was a bit short and sweet but I've got another coming up- sorry, 2 posts in one day!


  1. woww your cake looks gorgeous! do you make them for a living? :) lovely blog! now following! xo

    1. Gosh, thank you! I would love to make them for a living, I'm just starting as a sideline to my day job for the moment though :)