Sunday, 6 May 2012

If only every weekend lasted 3 days...

It's the bank holiday weekend and although I really should be doing other (possibly more productive) things, I've decided to start this blog. WELCOME! This welcome doesn't really go to anyone right now as I've had no visitors but when you get here, visitor numero uno, this welcome goes to you! :)

I've gradually built up a huge amount of cosmetics since leaving uni and my particular favourite at the moment is everything nail art. This blog is mainly going to be about all the new products and styles I'm going to be trying as I can't find reviews already, but there will be lots of other bits thrown in too and I doubt it will be long before my mind changes the direction of my little corner of internet.

Right, now I'm off to have a peek at PostSecret because I just can't get enough of it at the moment.



  1. Lovely blog :)

    It's amazing how much stuff you can collect after leaving uni isn't it?

    I've got a huge pile of things that I should really use/put on eBay!

    Look forward to hearing more from you :)


    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your lovely comment :)
      You're so right about the huge pile of things that build up, even right now I have a mountain of clothes that I'm supposed to be listing on eBay but it just doesn't seem that appealing at the moment!