Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hand cream

Hand cream's such a funny thing, sometimes I look at peoples hands that don't ever use a drop of it and they look baby soft and other people can't go a day without it. Sadly, I think I'm beginning to fall into the latter- I've used it so much over the years I think my hands have become dependant of it and now its a vicious cycle that I just can't quit. Believe me, I've tried to wean myself off but it just does not work. It probably doesn't help that I can be a little OCD when it comes to washing my hands every 10 minutes...
That's why I've decided that my first proper post should be about my joint 1st addiction (joint with lipbalm but that will be dealt with later), there's no point in spending all this money on nails if my hands look like scaly pieces of this

I've tried dozens of different hand creams and right now this is my everyday favourite:

Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts in Cocoa butter & vanilla
Its only £1 and if you can get it when there's an offer on or have a friend with a discount card then it can be £0.60-0.80 which is just AMAZING VALUE. I really can't recommend this stuff enough, they do other 'flavours' such as peach & almond, aloe vera, passion flower etc. which all smell lovely but I feel this one does by far the best job.
It is lightweight and absorbs very easily and quickly leaving no greasy residue, even when you put too much on it just leaves your hands feeling softer. I bought 10 after my first tube and put them in my bags, bedside table, desk, car, sink...literally everywhere.

I'm sure some people may be turning their noses up a little, £1? M&S? NO THANK YOU.

Well I am a big fan of all the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour products, especially their hand treatment and I have to say that for everyday use, the M&S one wins. I always feel as though there is a residue left from the EA 8 hour hand cream which is why I like to use it at night because my hands still go all slippy in the shower the next morning from it.

 I still like something a little more intensive now and then, for in between my fingers and and dry areas and this is what I use in those desperate times

Herbacin Wuta Kamille Glycerin Handcream
It comes in a cute 20ml tin or a tube and I think mine came from John Lewis for £1.50 or something close. Its great. I would recommend keeping one of these in your bag, especially over the winter as its quite good on sore little noses too! I personally don't use it as an all over hand cream as it leaves a bit if sheen like the Elizabeth Arden that can make typing, driving etc. a bit of a pain but I do think it does a slightly better job at being an intensive treatment than EA.

That's my hand cream rant over...for now at least.

What hand creams work best for other people?


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