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Sorry for not posting anything last night, I was so tired when I got home that all I could do was finish some ironing, have dinner and then go to bed. I know, I know- my weekday life is like a scene from The Hangover 3.

I thought in this post I would chatter about moisturisers


I bought this EARTH edition just before Christmas, half because I wanted to see if it was as good as people were saying and half because I just really liked the tin.
They're currently selling for £12.95 for a 75g tin which I'm not entirely convinced is great value if you were to use it all over your body on a daily basis.
All the tins have different patterns on and limited editions are released on a regular basis so you can collect the lot if you fancy!

To quote the STEAM CREAM website:
'We use our unique steam process to make an amazingly effective cream that your skin can absorb instantly. When it touches your skin, the naturally moisturising ingredients and pure, calming essential oils are released from our light emulsion so that they can penetrate past the surface. Your skin will feel softer for longer.

Steam is pure water, heated under pressure past 100°C, and we harness its power to fuse our beautiful ingredients together instantly, to make a gentle emulsion. This forms the natural base of our smoothly textured cream. By using steam to combine them, the natural materials in 
STEAMCREAM remain pure and effective.'

So mine arrived in the post and stupid me just went right ahead and opened it. For some reason I was expecting a light, air whipped type of moisturiser that wasn't too fluid but NOPE, it had the consistency of pouring cream and went all over me. Great start.
The first thing that hits you is the smell, it's quite strong but not unpleasant in any way- similar to a LUSH shop but more herbal? It's the Neroli oil and Lavender that I can smell the most and it's definitely a grower.
As it was all over me already, I thought I'd use it as a hand/arm cream but although the website says it absorbs easily I was still able to feel it. It's probably the vegetable glycerine that I could feel because it does feel incredibly smooth and light when you are applying it, it just felt a little too rich afterwards for my personal taste.
I really don't like that feeling when you put clothes on after moisturiser and you can still feel it, too much like wearing tights under trousers for me, so I went further south.
My feet bloody love STEAMCREAM, it's a great intensive moisturiser but still light enough to not stick your feet to everything if you're using it overnight. I really would recommend  it but probably only for very dry areas such as elbows, knees and then feet too.

I'm right at the end of my tin and although I don't LOVE it, I know that I am a sucker for packaging and will probably definitely buy another and probably another after that for the tins and the nice effect it's had on my feet.

One important thing to mention and a great reason to just try out this cream is that the company have a wonderful ethos. They are apparently the sister company of LUSH Cosmetics and this shows in the fact that the ingredients a approved by the Vegan Society, it is produced in the UK and Japan, minimum preservatives & packaging and finally they do not test or use any suppliers associated with animal testing. All of these can only be good things in my eyes!


SBC (Simply Beautiful Cosmetics)

(L-R, Aloe Vera,Vitamin E, Vitamin C)

I saw these gels in John Lewis around the end of last summer and thought they looked interesting and then bought the Aloe one for my holiday to South Africa in October and now I'm totally obsessed!

These gels are designed as moisturisers,soothers and therapy products and there are dozens of 'flavours' to meet ever need:

Vitamin E- moisturiser, scar reduction, stretch marks
Vitamin C-vibrancy
Lavender- sleep easy, relaxation
Arnica- aches, tension, strain
Aloe- wind burn, sun burn, rashes, waxing
Cucumber- cooling, soothing
Leg soothing
Calendula- soothing

There are so many more,take a look at the SBC website :)

What I like about these so much is that I can jump out of the shower and put this on straight away, it locks in the moisture and dries so quickly without leaving any residue at all. My skin is left soft and moisturised and I don't have that horrible feeling you get when you put your clothes on, even after waiting half an hour with other body moisturisers.

Another thing is that this is one moisturiser you really can use on your body AND face, I used the Vitamin C on my face during the winter to perk it up a bit and it was great. I do find the orange smell of this one a little strange but the other two that I've used have been great.

The aloe vera gel was great as an after sun on holiday, especially when I popped it into the fridge. 

The one I'm currently using everyday is the Vitamin E gel which is just a nice gentle moisturiser.

They retail for around £12 for a 250ml bottle which you can get through pretty quickly but if you look around you can find them cheaper, their website also has an offer of 50% off the £55 1 litre bottles right now. I know I shouldn't say this but the eBay shops normally have them all quite cheaply, the 1 litre bottles at roughly £26 or less which is pretty good!

I don't know if anyone else uses them but I don't think they've been all that popular, they went in the sale in John Lewis after Christmas and now they don't stock them on their website either; perhaps people don't like the idea of a gel moisturiser instead of a cream one? Either way I would 100% recommend giving them a try!

P.S No animal testing here either

Well I hope that wasn't too boring but at least the weekend starts tomorrow and I'm going to be doing a few Nails Inc and Models Own posts :)


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  1. i always buy sbc from qvc... i also cannot go on holiday without the aloe vera gel! :) xxx